Your traditional bakery

Yesterday, today, tomorrow KölliBeck

When bakers make history …

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the first Kölliker moved from farm to farm around Thalwil as a personal baker. An apprenticeship letter from 1829 testifies to the early origins of the art of baking in Thalwil. The actual history of KölliBeck begins in 1834: The first permanent bakery is built in theframe house opposite today’s main store on Ludretikonerstrasse. The building extension, including the restaurant, cost 814 francs at the time.

Besides the bakery and the restaurant “Eintracht”, the family secures its livelihood with agriculture. In the early days, the bread is delivered by foot to the individual farms. With the development of the silk industry in Thalwil, the bakery store gains importance in the neighborhood.

Jean Kölliker – baker and mayor

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Köllikers give up farming. The baker Jean Kölliker, a respected man, becomes mayor and justice of the peace in Thalwil. After the First World War, a new branch of the business is added. Hans Kölliker trains as a confectioner and from then on also supplies Thalwil with cakes, patisserie, tirggeln and confectionery.

Traditional business in the 6th generation

At the end of the 1950s, there are 14 bakers in Thalwil with their own bakehouse. In the 1970s, the Kölliker bakery is the only remaining bakery in Thalwil. Thanks to the new building of the bakery, it succeeds in continuing to meet the rapidly increasing demand. In 1991, Hansruedi and Marita Kölliker, the sixth generation, take over the traditional business. In the new millennium, new branches open their doors. They started with the Kafi in Oberrieden, followed a few years later by the Gnusspur in Thalwil together with the Kraus butcher’s shop. In 2014, a branch is added in Gattikon with an integrated post office and a selected range of everyday products. History repeats itself. Like Jean Kölliker at the time, Hansruedi Kölliker is elected mayor in 2022.