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Round, square, multilayer, fruity, chocolaty, with figurines, decorations, names, numbers, words and more. What is possible and at what price?

Step 1: consultation

For what occasion do you need your cake? How many people are invited and which filling do you like? And of course very important: What should the cake look like? We will be happy to advise you at our Ludistrasse branch or via online meeting.

Step 2: cake biscuit

Finest eggs from the Horgenberg, Swiss sugar and wheat flour from Switzerland are the main ingredients for the cake biscuit. Depending on the recipe also flavored with butter, almonds or nuts.

Step 3: filling

Our creams are cooked with milk from Längimoos and eggs from Horgenberg and flavored according to your wishes.
Our favourites are all time classics like chocolate and vanilla or seasonal fruit.

In different layers the cake is built up.

Step 4: decoration

Now our cake artist is in high demand. She will transform your ideas into a fabulous cake. Bet that the creation will delight all guests?

Any questions?

You are welcome to ask us any questions via contact form without booking a consultation appointment.

We will reply to you no later than the next business day.

    Past Cake creations – get inspired

    Here you can see what others have ordered:

    Tree trunk

    A special Wedding cake as a tree trunk, with real flowers.

    CHF 640.00 – 36-40 Servings

    Ferrero Rocher

    A first-class bouquet of gold and sky blue.

    CHF 125.00 – ca. 16 Servings

    Roses on white

    Fresh roses and a minimalist finish make this cake a real eye-catcher.

    CHF 115.00 – ca. 16 Servings

    Numbers & Shapes

    All numbers & shapes are possible, we will be glad to advise you.

    CHF 140.00 – 15-20 Servings

    Tussy on Tour

    Pink, pink, pink
    – what else do you need?

    CHF 280.00 – 12 Servings


    All decorations are edible, including diploma.

    CHF 220.00 – 12 Servings


    Fitting for a Princess.

    CHF 210.00 – 24 Servings

    Minnie Mouse

    Adorable Minnie Mouse-cake with polka dot decorations.

    CHF 250.00 – 12 Servings


    Butterflies directly for your belly.

    CHF 115.00 – 12 Servings

    Twin Babtism

    Two-colored modeled children’s shoes and letters made of marzipan.

    CHF 210.00 – 12 Servings

    Roses & Text

    Roses from buttercream – adorably sweet.

    CHF 280.00 – 24 Servings

    Hearts & Berries

    A heart of lemon and chocolate bisquit, all combinations are possible.

    CHF 175.00 – ca. 16 Servings

    Donut Delight

    Chocolate bisquit, cream and donuts, for chocoholics.

    CHF 130.00 – ca. 16 Servings

    Number/ Letter Jungle

    All numbers and shapes are possible. Hit us up for more information.

    CHF 240.00 – ca. 12-15 Servings

    Rosen & Macarons

    Mirroring gold, roses and macarons – a dream come true.

    CHF 300.00 – ca. 40 Servings


    Whether it’s Spiderman, Batman or Wonderwoman, we’ll turn your favorite hero into a Supercake..

    CHF 240.00 – ca. 24 Servings

    Our specialty cakes

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    Custom Cakes

    Online cake consultation? Yes, we offer that.

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