Sacher Cake

CHF 26.50

Better than the austrian original, Rich chocolate sponge cake filled with apricot jam. Covered with chocolate icing. Diameter 16cm makes 6-8 pieces.

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Declaration: sugar, egg white (barn eggs), butter, cocoa nibs, egg yolk (barn eggs), wheat flour, hydrogenated vegetable fat (with peanut fat), apricot pulp, potato starch, water, cocoa butter, apricot concentrate, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, E476), skimmed milk powder, glucose syrup, dextrose, gelling agent: Pectin, vanilla*Madagascar, flavor (vanillin), emulsifier (E322: soy lecithin), sea salt, anti-caking agent (E341e).

Allergens: Contains gluten, eggs, milk, peanuts.